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Aikido for Kids

In order to apply a true Aikido technique raw force should not be used and that is one of many reasons why Aikido is suitable for kids. Fundamental concept of this martial art finds its core in self-defence. Nowadays Aikido is very useful for kids because it teaches them how to handle any kind of aggression. Kids adopt intuitive and spontaneous method of channelling aggression.

There is no competition, no need to take over role of victim or aggressor – we all have our own way (`do`). Deep understanding of Aikido is essential for people who practise Aikido. No conflict, though character development through budo (martial way).

Kids can start practising Aikido at 6 through 16 years of age.

Aikido class is held bilingually, in English and Croatian language, twice a week.

Aikido develops and encourages:

  • Self-defence
  • Healthy behaviour and life style
  • Non-violence and peaceful attitude
  • Self-control
  • Accepting differences
  • Tolerance and solidarity
  • Regard for others and self-respect
  • Discipline
  • Cooperation
  • Focus and concentration
  • Fitness
  • Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Communication in foreign language

aikido za djecu sep

10 reasons why kids should practice Aikido

  1. Akido is a non-aggressive martial art. What does this mean? Basically, that you can't really start a fight with Aikido - you can only finish one. Aikido doesn't encourage kids to have Power Rangers Syndrome, in which they go around punching and kicking their friends, siblings, dogs, and cats. Aikido technique starts when someone else "breaks the rules", i.e. attacks.
  2. Aikido teaches kids to be calm. Of course, kids shouldn't be calm all the time. Aikido gives them the choice. If they need to sit still at school, or concentrate on homework, or focus during sports, Aikido shows them exactly how to do that. The techniques and ki testing we do teach them correct calmness. This is entirely different from keeping their emotions bottled up. Aikido calmness feels good.
  3. Aikido teaches kids practical self-defence - taking away the balance and safely pinning the opponent.
  4. Aikido gives kids a positive world view. It teaches that in order to create something worthwhile, you must work in harmony with your environment. It teaches that if you make trouble, you will lose. But if your mind is correct, calm, and positive, you can make something good out of whatever the universe hands you.
  5. Aikido teaches kids a lighter approach to life. Aikido works best when you relax and feel light.
  6. Aikido helps kids at school. By training in Aikido, kids develop calm, clear minds. As a result, they absorb knowledge easier, and think with greater clarity.
  7. Aikido helps kids in sports, reveals and develops balance and flexibility.
  8. Anyone can be good at Aikido. Aikido does not require athletic talent. In fact, athletic prowess can sometimes get in the way. The key to making progress in Aikido is simply persevering and having a positive attitude. What better lesson can we teach our kids?
  9. Aikido does not rely on size, or speed, or weight, or reach, it is actually applicable by children on adults. In fact, it can be quite surprising how much power our children can muster when throwing adults!
  10. Aikido makes your kids tired. So hopefully, they'll go to bed a little earlier.