Hrvatski (HR)

Aikido for adults

Aikido for adults is based on Aikido principle of accepting, redirecting and channelling aggressive energy into fluid, relaxed and peaceful energy. Aikido is a martial art that cherishes peace and cooperation, there is no competition. Aikido unifies mind, spirit and body. In case one of the elements is missing or not being worked on, the essence of Aikido is lost.

Aikido is often practised in pairs, therefore it is important to understand that uke (person we are practising techniques on) is someone helping us develop, grow and learn, uke is not our opponent. This serves as a good example of cooperation and team work – uke learns how to take good ukemi (falling techniques)  and  nage develops and grows in his techniques. Frustrations often arise during training, which should be taken as a good introspection method, teaching us honesty towards ourselves, recognizing and accepting the reason of our frustration, which is, in most cases, our ego, our greatest opponent. Before entering dojo it is highly recommended to read thoroughly and follow the dojo etiquette, because Aikido training begins before entering dojo. See you on TATAMI!